Kivu Law helps lawful permanent residents with the naturalization application process so that green card holders can become U.S. citizens. Kivu Law provides full representation, which means that the client’s attorney files the application, monitors the case for updates, and goes with the client to the naturalization interview at the USCIS office. The naturalization process is the last step in many immigrants’ journey towards citizenship, and concludes with the client attending an oath ceremony and receiving a Certificate of Naturalization. If you have a green card, call Kivu Law at 507-295-4858 or contact us online to schedule a consultation to make a plan for applying for naturalization.

Certificate of Citizenship

If a lawful permanent resident is under 18 when his or her parent becomes a US citizen, the child automatically becomes a US citizen. This is called “deriving citizenship.” However, the child must apply for official proof of their new US citizenship in order to reap all the benefits of being a US citizen. Kivu Law can help individuals apply for their Certificates of Citizenship, which often makes it easier to apply for a U.S. passport. Even though applicants had to be under 18 when their parent became a citizen, they can apply for the Certificate of Citizenship regardless of how old they are now. To schedule an appointment, please call Kivu Law at 507-295-4858 or contact us online.